More Addiction Movies (Part 2)

Movies Addiction Recovery

Part 2 of a 2-Part Series

Last week, we began a two-part series about the best addiction and recovery movies. To read part one, click here.Too many motion picture productions manage the related subjects of addiction and recovery to fit our favorites in one post. So, this week, we look at some more recent addiction-and-recovery digital depictions. 

Movies About Addiction & Recovery

Traffic Movie Drugs

Traffic (2000)
An ensemble piece, this movie follows a conservative judge who is appointed by the president to spearhead America’s war against drugs, only to later discover that his teenage daughter is addicted to crack. Focusing on the drug trade, the movie is related through a series of seemingly unrelated stories. Two DEA agents protect an informant. A jailed drug baron’s wife carries on the family business. 


Ray Movie Drug Addiction Heroin

Ray (2004)
While many classify the movie, Ray, as a biography, we include it in our list of addiction-related favorites because it tells the story of the late Ray Charles. And a huge part of his story deals with his heroin addiction. Although the movie does not detail his addiction and recovery, it shows how his drinking impacted his life. What’s more, his associates are portrayed as either yielding to their addictions or choosing to take steps to get clean. The result is an up-close-and-personal view of the recovery motto: “Jails, institutions or death.” 

Walk the Line Addiction Movie

Walk the Line (2005)
Another movie that painfully recounts the protagonist’s struggle against addiction is this Joaquin Phoenix/Reese Witherspoon film about Johnny Cash and his wife, June Carter Cash. This movie shows some of the personal and professional repercussions of drug use.

Flight (2012)
Denzel Washington plays an airline pilot who performs a heroic landing after a mechanical failure, saving most of his passengers. Once investigators uncover his cocaine addiction and alcoholism, his whole world comes crashing down. The film realistically focuses on the ways things start to fall apart when addicts buy into the lie that they have things under control in the midst of their addiction. 

Ben is Back Addiction Movie Family Dynamic

Ben is Back (2018)
When her addicted son unexpectedly returns home from rehab on Christmas Eve morning, his mother, played by Julia Roberts, welcomes him back but worries he may not stay clean. Over the courses of 24 hours, truths are revealed, putting her love for her son to the test. This film examines the ways that addiction undermine family dynamic while simultaneously affirming the importance of close relationships and open communication. 

Six Balloons Addiction Movie

6 Balloons (2019)
This Netflix film, starring Dave Franco and Abbi Johnson, focuses on heroin addiction. Franco’s character is a father who is addicted to heroin. The movie shows him struggling to hide withdrawal signs from his 2-year-old daughter even as his sister struggles to find a detox center willing to take him. Conquering themes like loneliness and enabling, this movie is a cautionary tale, not just for addicts but for the people who love them. 

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