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Not to toot our own horn, but, over the past four decades, the drug addiction treatment center at Mt. Rubidoux has helped thousands of people in their struggle with substance abuse. With our assistance, these people regain control of their lives. Doctors and medical professionals who have studied the intersecting biological, psychological and social or environmental factors that contribute to substance abuse and addiction. Through evidence-based methods and dynamic treatment approaches, MFI Recovery has established a highly qualified program to assist individuals and families who are struggling with substance use issues. If you or someone you love is showing signs of impairment because of drug or alcohol use, call for information and direction. We would love to help you regain control of your life.

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One to five star review
Yelp LogoThank you! You helped me in my darkest time of my life, im so grateful to everyone here, my kid’s have a CHANCE!

~Ruben P. 


One to five star review

I am a recent graduate of MFI Rubidoux. I spent 90 days there and can’t believe how much I learned about myself, and the disease of addiction. Didn’t know how much I didn’t know. ?I can’t express enough of I, and my family’s appreciation for the opportunity. For my life. For mine and my family’s awesome future. ?Great staff. Both knowledgeable, understanding, caring and patient…answers for all my questions. Comfortable and very clean care facility. Provided all my needs. ??Thank you MFI. And a special thanks for Renee and Bobby. ?My new family.

~Frank V., Riverside, CA

One to five star review

Truly went above and beyond my expectations. MFI gave me the tools I needed to help myself, and ultimately put me on a path to a new and better life. Having been thru treatment before, my expectations were pretty low. But the morale here is remarkably high. The staff is amazing, and they honestly just want you to get the help you need. And you can! Not to mention, these dudes just remodeled the whole place, so everything’s shiny and new. Do you wanna be shiny and new? Then go to MFI Mount Rubidoux!! I will never forget the time I spent here, or the many dice games I won.

~Leonard F., San Bernardino, CA

One to five star review

Thank you to MFI Rubidoux and MFI Murrieta California: I am grateful for the staff and all the other clients that I was in there with. I am almost 6 months clean and sober and I have a lot of new friends and I cherish their friendship. This was all possible because of MFI Rubidoux.

Thanks again, Vince

~Vince A., Menifee, CA

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One to five star review

rr-logo-reviews2018MFI Recovery Center’s Mt. Rubidoux offers men a unique treatment experience with support on all levels of care. The program encourages a community feeling with the clients and offers so many comprehensive treatment options, all of which are customized to truly suit each individual’s specific needs. Mt. Rubidoux is an excellent residential treatment choice for any adult male who needs a guidance and structure as they make their way into recovery.

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One to five star review

Mt Rubidoux MFIIt’s a pretty chill place, all the staff are genuine good people and the therapists are 👌👌👌very insightful people. I was able to get clean and begin the much needed transition in my life thanks to MFI.

~Miles C. 

One to five star review

It was a wonderful experience. Everyone was very nice and understanding. The program was well rounded and took care of the whole persons recovery.

~Sandy J. 

One to five star review

Wonderful counselors for the patients and family members. Group sessions are very knowledgeable and learning experience. All patients are very nice.

~Barbara W. 

One to five star review

I can’t say enough about Mt. Rubidox ( MRT)recovery.  MFI Rubidox facility, literally saved my life. I and my family will forever be greatful for the second chance on life I was given. MFI staff are absolutely amazing. Caring, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. I was given the tools I needed, to learn to cope with the problems, which had lead to a lifetime of abuse and addiction. A lifetime of loss. The disease of addiction I thought, couldnt be recovered from. Thank God I was wrong. And MFI was there to guide me. Thank you MFI . Me and my family are forever greatful.

“God, grant me the courage to change the things I can.”

~Frank G. 

One to five star review

I went here to gain my life back. And I was able to do just that! This place and it’s people are absolutely amazing. If anyone is serious about getting there life back MFI is the perfect place to do so.

~Nathan S. 

One to five star review

The staff truly cares for each and every patient.

~Zeshan C.

One to five star review

When I was told that I have a bed at the MFI Woodcrest Treatment Center is when the life threatening choice had to be made by me to stand up like a man with my head high and go check in to woodcrest and get the open bed or lose everything and everyone in my life and then possibly die from heavy drug use the decision was made fast and I made the right one. The first couple days I was watching the rest of the clients and learned the daily routine and I made sure to start programming my third day that didn’t take long to respond to the lesson and the tools I was not at all aware of the different types of tactics and cause of the brain to be sent a bunch of stuff that causes a trigger reaction to get into hiding mood and the steps of N/A are the way to live your life by them every day for the rest of your life that is the only way you will not relapse and use but it is the truth and MFI Woodcrest Treatment Center is the only thing that saved my life and gave me a chance to be a good son, father, brother, uncle to my family that I have put through a world of hurt and pain and suffering now I can say that I am not doing any of these things in life is not so bad.

~James H. 

One to five star review

I went here four yrs ago and I’m proud to say that my life has never been better. I have a great job my own house and a great family. I think about this place all the time and great women that I meet there. I miss them all, they will always b in my heart and in my prayers

~Brittany R. 

One to five star review

I’ve experienced a few recovery centers over the years, and MFI is by far the best I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of. I have over 5 months clean and sober now, thanks to everyone at the Mt. Rubidoux location. Thanks you all.

~Scott G.

One to five star review

This detox center was amazing I got my own apartment with HBO and all the good tv channels and the good was good too…its actually a rehab for men but they let women detox there as well. The staff was very respectful and treated me with dignity and respect. They were at my beckoning call if I ever needed anything… have me my medication on time as well.

~Cassandra B.

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One to five star reviewMFI Recovery Mt Rubidoux Facebook

This place is truly amazing. Everyone treated me like family from the very start. MfI is one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever encountered . I am very grateful for each and everyone working there.

~Angela B. 

One to five star review

(I would give them 5 stars.)

Choosing the right addiction recovery program and facility ,is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make if you or a loved one is suffering from the disease of addiction. When I chose which recovery program I’d goto for help I researched it, by asking many people who themselves had successfully completed a program, and seemed to be recovered. I kept hearing the name MFI ( My Family Incorporated.)
So I made some inquiries. And eventually I chose MFI. And thank God I did.

MFI and it’s wonderful and experienced staff immediately dug in with me. Both as an individual and in group/ fellowship environment. Their facilities are clean and comfortable.The staff was patient and caring while working with me to unwind the underlying causes for my disease of ADDICTION, as well my physical need to use. MFI saved my life. And made it possible for me to restore my confidence and health. And to rebuild the trust from my family and friends.

I highly recommend you make the decision to find recovery from addiction. And MFI is my recommendation if you’re serious about the change.

~Frank R. 

One to five star review

The people are very loving and really care about the clients and family’s, I thank the Lord I found MFI, they showed me and my family especially my kids so much LOVE and continue to do so Im very thankful for them and greatful that I am apart of there family!

~Ruben P. 

One to five star review

MFI saved my life. gave me recovery and helped me live.

~Jason K. 

One to five star review

I love going there for parting and counseling I have the best therapist there.

~Christina L.P. 

One to five star review

MFI saved my life. I cant say thank you enough. And so, I’m carrying the message of the recovery which I found through MFI to other addicts. Thank you.

~Steve R. 

One to five star review

Wonderful staff. Life Changers. Staff is very understanding, loving, just super. A place where Transformations begin.

~Darlene F.K. 

One to five star review

Saved my life. Went to rehab and completed it. Now I see the best therapist and It’s really helpful. Love the people there. They are my new family.

~Daniel F. 

One to five star review

At first I came in thinking I can hide it better….I learned a lot from the woman at MFI….. I have now been clean 9 1/2 years and have turned my negative into a positive and have been working in the field for 4 1/2 years…. I carry my coin with me always to never forget where I came from…..and to remember the blessing they gave me called life….and thats the truth they saved my marriage and now we live rather then exist…..(with 5 kids now mind you) and I still have structure in my routine…… THANK YOU…..

~Alicia R. 

One to five star review

I wasn’t ready when I went through MFI back in 2003, but it was with the tools I picked up there that I became clean and serene in 2006! Always think of MFI as my starting point! I’m now 8 years clean, a certified substance abuse counselor, and a paralegal!! I hope to return to MFI as staff when the opportunity arises!!

~Donna K.G.

One to five star review

Magic happens in those rooms with other women. I attended workshops there in the 90’s when going through a very difficult divorce & complete change in my life. I am still in touch with some of the women I met there. Jean Dodson facilitated many of the classes I attended & she is awesome!

~Cheryl H.

One to five star review

I can’t say enough good things about this recovery center! My recovering daughter went to the program at the beginning of the year stated she loved it there! The counselors are wonderful she felt truly cared about with them! The first time she stayed through the whole program. She was working o/p had a slip but she knows she needs to get back on program!this center has truly had an impact on her life!thank you for all the help love and guidance you have showed to us!I truly thank you!

~Melissa J. 

One to five star review

I started my journey with MFI. In July 1995 and by the grace of a kind and loving Higher Power I completed a 60 day Co-Ed program straight into a 90 day women and children program. I have not had to use since then. It works if you work it!!

~Mary B.

One to five star review

They care, they listen, they’re there when no one else is…I’m clean today because of MFI…& my counselor Susan.

~Nicole D.