Meet the Team

Renee Mullings

Renee Mullings is the Program Coordinator for MFI Recovery’s Mt Rubidoux Detox, Men’s Residential, and Raincross Women’s Facility. She is a graduate of CSULB. Renee started her journey with MFI as a substance abuse counselor in outpatient, and still has the same heart for the addict/alcoholic who is suffering as she once did. She continues to play an active role in the daily lives of clients, and strives to make sure the program provides a beneficial and a healing experience. Renee feels that success in this field is not measured by the number of clients she serves, but by serving the clients who grace her door. She believes the greatest reward is seeing lives transformed.

Renee Mullings, Program Coordinator

Harmony Sieng

Harmony Sieng CADC-ll is the senior addictions counselor for MFI Mt. Rubidoux and Raincross locations. Harmony has a passion to assist those in the community who are suffering from addiction as well as working with their families to come up with a solution for long term recovery. Harmony believes it is her mission to help individuals apply the principals of recovery, to effectively utilize the 12 Steps of Recovery to their unique situation, and to learn relapse prevention skills to help protect people who are new to recovery to establish a very personal relationship with recovery. She is a mother of two boys and enjoys spending her free time with friends and family.

Harmony Sieng, Senior Counselor

Robert Kreiss

Robert Kreiss RADT has been working in the field of substance abuse treatment since 2014. He is not only passionate about his profession, but is very involved in his own recovery and helping others who struggle with addiction through the 12 Step Fellowship. He feels that staying physically active with softball and composing music are key points to his own recovery and enjoys helping others to get back in touch with what they have lost through addiction. Robert believes that there is no “one way” to recover and that every person is unique. Robert is a devoted parent to his young daughter and plans to marry soon. He enjoys traveling with them to visit family in Maryland.

Robert Kreiss, Lead Counselor

Beth Wright

Beth holds a Bachelors of Science in Human Services and a Masters of Science in Counseling, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. Beth has worked in the field of addiction for over seven years, specializing in working with individuals and families. She also has a passion for group therapy. Beth feels she is called to help addicts navigate their way through early recovery. She utilizes a mix of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Solution-Focused Therapy. The 12 Steps are important to Beth, as she strongly believes in the power of the program, along with the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and NA as resources which help strengthen and support people who are in the early stages of rebuilding their lives. Beth grew up in Southern California. She enjoys continuing her education through workshops as well as spending time with family and friends.

Beth Wright, Therapist Intern

Candace Deese

Candace Deese is a registered Marriage and Family Therapist Associate who specializes in working within the field of addiction and trauma. She has a diverse background within the scope of mental health, which includes 10 years working with patients in varied age ranges, with dual diagnoses, including severely mentally ill patients, people from differing cultural backgrounds, and members of the military population. As she prepares for her licensing with the Board of Behavioral Services, she continues to devote her passion and career to healing individuals and their families as they enter sobriety. She enjoys providing a client-centered focus and using specific modalities to treat all those affected with the disease of addiction.

Candace Deese, Therapist

Cynthia De LaRosa

Cynthia De La Rosa is the Nurse for Mt. Rubidoux and Raincross. She has worked in the medical field for 15 years, four in the mental health field. Cynthia currently holds her LVN license and is advancing her career by working towards her R.N. Cynthia’s passion for caring and helping others in the community suffering from addition and homelessness is fulfilled by seeing her clients fight the tough battle they face day by day. She is pleased to offer MAT Services (Medicated Assisted Treatment) so clients learn the importance of taking medication while simultaneously building a sober support system.

Cynthia De LaRosa, L.VN, Detox Lead

Dr. Michael Valdez

Medical Director and Facility Physician at MFI Recovery Center, Dr. Valdez been with MFI for over 18 years. He has over 25 years of experience as a medical doctor, and, in 2002, decided to become an addiction specialist, as well. He works with our clients throughout their treatment, from intake to graduation. He is part of an integrated care team who recognize the need of focusing on whole person care, from physical and mental health needs, as well as primary care. Dr. Valdez believes that through his medical advice and care he is helping people get back to their life goals by getting them clean and sober, as well as physically and mentally healthy. He is currently continuing his education into Primary Care Psychiatry, with a fellowship through IEHP and UC Davis. Dr. Valdez is married, and the proud father of a son.

Michael Valdez, Medical Director