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MFI Intake Phone CallWhen Terri Crawford decided 10 years ago that she was fed up with her addiction and wanted to get clean, she grabbed her cellphone and frantically started calling Inland Empire rehab facilities. Relieved at her daughter’s decision and happy to help, Terri’s mom headed to the adjoining room with her own phone in hand. The two called dozens of detox and addiction treatment centers in search of the perfect place for Terri’s recovery. When Terri talked to an admissions counselor at MFI, she was sold.Caring Phone Call Recovery Riverside

“As soon as I spoke with a counselor at MFI, I knew where I belonged. Not only did someone immediately pick up the phone so I didn’t have to leave a voicemail, the person on the other end was very compassionate, empathetic and comforting,” says Terri, who adds that MFI was affordable and one of only two facilities in the Inland Empire with a program that allowed her to bring her two children, who were two and four at the time.

Addiction Phone Center RiversideAfter successfully completing the program at A Woman’s Place, Terri knew she wanted to give back. To that end, she took a job at MFI, eventually landing in MFI Administration, where she is admissions coordinator. In that capacity, Terri supervises a staff of four, overseeing the intake process and personally answering hundreds of calls each year. For Terri, the responsibility is near and dear to her heart.

“When someone is ready to start treatment, time is of the essence,” Terri explains. “If you don’t answer the phone or if you fail to return their call in a timely manner, you could miss the window of opportunity to catch them before they change their minds and slip further into madness or even OD. You have to strike while the iron is hot.”

MFI IntakeRecovery Step by Step Riverside

  1. When someone calls, we answer the phone. This is so important, we make ourselves available 24 hours a day.
  2. The counselor does a phone assessment to determine which service the caller needs, since MFI has so many different types of programs across 10 Riverside County facilities. In cases where detox is necessary, we direct them to the detox treatment center at Mt Rubidoux.
  3. We determine the prospective client’s funding source, since insurance plays a role in determining the right program.
  4. We answer the caller’s questions and addresses concerns.
  5. Staff verify insurance and explain any out-of-pocket costs, if applicable.
    Addiction Treatment Insurance Riverside
  6. We coordinate admissions with the appropriate facility, including transportation, if applicable.
  7. Staff explains what the client should bring to the program.
  8. We try to transition people from caller to client within 24 hours, if possible.
  9. Continue to monitor their progress and report relevant information to insurance companies, to secure ongoing coverage.Insurance Answers Addiction Treatment Riverside

“We work as benefactors for our clients,” says Terri. “Even though we don’t meet them all in person since we work in the admin building, we get to know their cases well and are committed to making sure they get the treatment they need. We work as a team with their counselors, doctors and therapists so we understand and can effectively communicate their condition and progress to insurers.”

Terri says most insurance companies only approve 5-6 days of treatment at a time instead of the 30-day period many require. So, her staff works tirelessly to ensure continuity of care for every program participant, across all 10 MFI locations. Advocating for their clients reduces the risk of premature release, which can lead to relapse. She laughs at the motto her team coined as a result of the process:

“Saving lives one authorization at a time.”

For private pay clients, the fees at MFI are modest — $7,500 for 30 days, which includes after care, plus $1,000 for detox, when applicable.

Insurance Authorizations Addiction Treatment Riverside“The treatment program is invaluable to someone whose life has been turned upside down by their addiction. A sign on the wall of my office says, “The Hokey-Pokey Clinic – A Place to Turn Yourself Around.” And that’s what it’s all about!

About MFI Recovery

Throughout ten facilities in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, we employ the Matrix Model for each individual client, creating a personalized treatment program. Various modalities can include behavior modification, 12-step recovery program introduction, cognitive behavioral therapy, and family systems techniques, including the family in group therapy.

Treatment options include outpatient and inpatient detox, medication management (if appropriate), group therapy, individual therapy, relapse prevention education, and ongoing support after treatment.

About Mt RubidouxAddiction Recovery Kick Habit Puzzle Words 3d Illustration

Our treatment center provides services to people who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. Located in the shadow of Mt. Rubidoux in the City of Riverside, we provide structured and supportive addiction treatment in semi-private, comfortable apartment-style setting. Monitored by professional addiction specialists 24 hours a day, our modern apartments offer a haven for healing during the rehab process. Living and recovering in our Mt. Rubidoux residential treatment facility means becoming healthy again. Our clients receive intensive treatment and learn new, healthy strategies to sustain recovery. To find out more, call today 866-218-4697, or for non-admission related information, contact us at 951-683-6596.

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