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MFI Takes InsuranceAmber Harley hit rock bottom when she was forced to do time while she was in the throes of addiction. Up until then, she thought she had things under control. She says incarceration woke her up.

“Everything spiraled out of control,” she recalls.“The repercussions of my addiction not only landed me in jail but also impacted my ability to get a job after I was released. I was fed up with the havoc I had made out of my life. And I was ready to change because that wasn’t what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be. I was desperate to get help.”

Breaking the cycle wasn’t easy for Amber, who grew up in a home where substance abuse was part and parcel.Substance Abuse & Recovery Insurance

“I’m not blaming anyone else for my addiction,” she says.“I did what I did. I’m just thankful God pointed the way out of that lifestyle.”

For Amber and hundreds of thousands of others, that way was through MFI Detox Treatment & Recovery Center. After completing the program, she returned to school and earned a high school diploma, AA, BA and CADC II License. She had always wanted to help people by working in healthcare. So, counseling was a natural fit. Amber has worked at MFI since 2012. She never imagined she would eventually work behind the scenes, where she now serves in the administrative role as an admissions counselor and utilization reviewer.

“I wasn’t sure about this type of job at first, she admits.“But now I love it because people can’t get this type of life-saving treatment unless they have a way to pay for it. It’s my job to work with insurance companies, to make sure all of the boxes are ticked, and the T’s are crossed, and the i’s are dotted…to make sure clients get coverage for the treatment programs that could very well save their lives.”

Drug Detox Recovery Insurance RehabMany people think the cost of detox and addiction treatment is prohibitive. But most insurance companies (even HMO’s) cover outpatient and inpatient programs, including services such as individual and group therapy, Medication-Assisted-Treatment (MAT), physicals and wellness screenings, blood work, chronic disease management, and minor illness and injury care. Every program is custom-tailored to suit the needs of the client.

MFI programs are all-inclusive. So, whether clients cover the costs with cash, rely on private pay insurance or on public assistance to cover the program, they enjoy the same high level of care.

One of the reasons I love working for MFI is because we have the luxury of flexibility,” says Amber.“If someone struggles as an outpatient, we can move them into an inpatient facility. We all work closely as a team to keep each other posted about every client’s situation. Although most of the clients don’t know me, I know them because I am usually the one who applies for extensions in treatment through various insurance companies and works to keep them covered throughout their entire program and through after care.”Insurance Coverage Rehab

Working remotely from Las Vegas, where she recently moved to be closer to family, Amber has earned the nickname, The Ghost of MFI.

“People say there is evidence that I am everywhere even though they don’t see me in the flesh.”

And that’s fine with Amber, who is happy to work quietly in the shadows to help others step into the light.

About MFI Recovery

Throughout 10 facilities in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, we employ the Matrix Model for each individual client, creating a personalized treatment program. Various modalities can include behavior modification, 12-step recovery program introduction, cognitive behavioral therapy, and family systems techniques, including the family in group therapy.

Treatment options include outpatient and inpatient detox, medication management (if appropriate), group therapy, individual therapy, relapse prevention education, and ongoing support after treatment.

Hope and Help for drug & alcohol addictionAbout Mt Rubidoux

Our treatment center provides services to people who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. Located in the shadow of Mt. Rubidoux in the City of Riverside, we provide structured and supportive addiction treatment in semi-private, comfortable apartment-style setting. Monitored by professional addiction specialists 24 hours a day, our modern apartments offer a haven for healing during the rehab process. Living and recovering in our Mt. Rubidoux residential treatment facility means becoming healthy again. Our clients receive intensive treatment and learn new, healthy strategies to sustain recovery. To find out more, call today 866-218-4697, or for non-admission related information, contact us at 951-683-6596.

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