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MFI Staff Member Sheila YoungWhether she is counseling a client at one of MFI’s 10 recovery centers or networking in the community, Sheila Young’s goal is to encourage people. A mother of three and grandmother of four, her job as Community Consumer Support Worker (CCSW) enables her to do just that.

“I love representing MFI because I’ve seen, firsthand, how drastically someone’s life can change for the better once they’ve decided they are ready to get serious about sobriety,” Sheila says.

Employed by MFI since 2014, Sheila began her career as an intern. Certain she was on the right path, she pursued her California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP) I license and has since completed training for CCAPP II. On a daily basis, Sheila assist clients with therapy and discharge plans and manages outpatient follow-up as well as giving presentations at medical facilities and community events.

MFI Therapy Sheila Young Mt Rubidoux

“What I do is so rewarding. Clients stay here up to 90 days or more, so we really get to know them. It’s a privilege to watch them on the road to recovery and after,” she notes, adding, “Alumni often come back to check in and offer support to clients who are currently in treatment.”

Encouraging clients comes naturally to the woman most call “Miss Sheila.”

Banking Running Errands MFI“Life doesn’t stop when addiction takes over. These people who come to us have jobs and families and responsibilities. So, I help them take care of the ‘little things,’ like paying utility bills or checking work emails or handling banking tasks.”

Like other MFI staffers, Sheila is happy to testify at court hearings when she can share positive impressions about moms and dads who are working hard to get their kids back. But, sometimes, her job is hard, like when someone prematurely checks themselves out of treatment or when staff heard that a former client has died.Overdose Relapse Rehab Riverside

The mother one such girl recently called Sheila to talk about her daughter, whose body was found in a motel room next to note, a needle protruding from her arm.

“That was a difficult call because her daughter was hungry to stay clean. The hard truth is that sobriety is tough and not everyone succeeds.”

Still, millions of people do. The struggle is real. But so is the opportunity to overcome. So, Sheila chooses to focus on the positive.

Encourage clients MFI Mt Rubidoux“I don’t want to bring people down,” she says. “As a Christian, it’s my mission to encourage people. I’m thankful I am able to do that at MFI.”

About MFI Recovery

Throughout 10 facilities in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, we employ the Matrix Model for each individual client, creating a personalized treatment program. Various modalities can include behavior modification, 12-step recovery program introduction, cognitive behavioral therapy, and family systems techniques, including the family in group therapy.

Treatment options include outpatient and inpatient detox, medication management (if appropriate), group therapy, individual therapy, relapse prevention education, and ongoing support after treatment.Recovery Riverside Mt Rubidoux MFI

About Mt Rubidoux

Our treatment center provides services to people who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. Located in the shadow of Mt. Rubidoux in the City of Riverside, we provide structured and supportive addiction treatment in semi-private, comfortable apartment-style setting. Monitored by professional addiction specialists 24 hours a day, our modern apartments offer a haven for healing during the rehab process. Living and recovering in our Mt. Rubidoux residential treatment facility means becoming healthy again. Our clients receive intensive treatment and learn new, healthy strategies to sustain recovery. To find out more, call today 866-218-4697, or for non-admission related information, contact us at 951-683-6596 

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